The George Family

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Brandon and Becky George or the “Georges” have been married since July 16th 2011. Since they met they knew that the Lord was calling them to overseas missions to work with youth and children bringing them the Joy and life of Jesus Christ.
The summer of 2013 they were able to quit their Jobs and enroll in a 3 month internship in Bucharest Romania to work with Orphans
and youth. They fell in love with the people and the country and knew that Romania is where God was leading them. Now the Georges are missionaries sent out by Fellowship Church at Creek to minister to the youth of Southern Romania in the town of Draganesti-Olt. Partnered with the Ebell Family they moved to Romania July 9th 2015.

Brandon George (Born: June 1st 1992) Had the opportunity to Serve and train underneath Chris Smith as Youth Intern of the Refuge youth group. Through this ministry he lead youth in small group sessions and was able to preach to the youth.Brandon has the gifting to be passionate and wild for Jesus Christ and to lead others in that passion. For three years Brandon had the joy of coaching the Panthers track and field team for Christ. He taught them the skills they need to succeed in their specific events and to grow them closer to Christ. This leadership has rolled over into camp and event coordination to be able to lead kids in Christ even in games and good sportsmanship.

Bible verses: Colossians 3:1-4
Candy: Reese’s pieces or Reese’s peanut butter cups
Food: Chicken wings or Fried Chicken
Sport: anything involving the olympics
Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee!!!!

Becky George (Born: November 24th 1988) was a leader in the Refuge youth group and had the ability to pour in to a small group of youth girls. Becky was also able to work in her gifting to teach in the three year old class with the Kids @ fellowship since 2010.Becky has a strong ability given to her by Christ to take the deep things of Christ and teach them to children and youth in ways that they can relate to and know the God is Good.Becky has been dancing since she was three years old and using these skill for Christ she has trained the Panthers dance team competitively for 4 year. This ability to worship God through dance has carried over to Romania to teach an after school program dance class in Draganesti-Olt.

Sport: Dance
Hobbies:Dancing, Painting, Reading,crafts