Mission Romania


Our ministry in Romania is simple we are bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth of Romania. Our hope for Romania is that a generation of youth can be raised up to lead the culture and people to Christ.

The way that we are going to do this is through discipleship. Jesus gave us an amazing example through his life of discipleship. Through the power of Christ the disciples changed the course of the world to in a way that is pointed to Christ.

We have started a program with the youth in the local villages where youth can meet and hear the word of God, enjoy the fellowship of believers, and apply the scriptures and teaching personally in their lives through small group discussion times.

Through out the year we lead different camps and events for the youth but the main focus of our ministry is discipleship and small group times. We care deeply for the lives of the youth that God has given us and we want to encourage and strengthen them in the word of God. Our heart is to meet both physical and spiritual needs for the youth in the community. we have patented with Mariana Illeana and her social program to help encourage youth and provide clothes and other items to families in our village. With Mihai Illeana we help lead a computer class teaching youth different computer skills to help them find a job. Both of our families also help youth learn english through out the week.